KD's Klean Ups has been consistently cleaning our home for nearly 15 years. Debbie, the owner, is super-accommodating and so nice! She works around our schedule. Most important, Kim and the team at KD's Klean Ups are terrific. Our house is always spotless -- they do a great job and are friendly and honest. They've also done an excellent job with post-construction cleanup. Drywall dust disappears, even from corners of kitchen cabinets and hard-to-reach places. I highly recommend KD's Klean Ups to clean your home, too.

Deborah H

I have been using kd's clean ups for many years now and I find that they are dependable and it is so nice and fresh after they've been here. The manager is very accommodating if I have to switch my day. Every effort is made to keep me happy with their service. I highly recommend them to friends and family, who also love them. Great Company!!

Debe N

KD's Klean Ups has been cleaning my house for years and I love coming home to a clean house. Everybody who works for the company is kind and efficient. I would definitely recommend!

Michael M

I have used this company a few times and never had any problems. Would recommend them to clean.

Michelle R

Great service, easy to work with for last minute appointments and very reasonable!

David W

I have always been happy with this company. The owner strives for customer satisfaction and is very easy to work with. The pricing is very reasonable. The cleaning personnel are professional and pleasant. My house always looks and feels a little brighter after they have visited!

Karrie L